Being an Emergency Clinic, we unfortunately see extremely ill pets and this results in sometimes helping pet owners make those end of life decisions. We know how difficult and emotional it is to say “goodbye” to a beloved pet, whom most consider family. This is why we want to make this the easiest and most painless process as possible for everyone involved.
We welcome you to be present during this procedure. However, if you do not want to be present, we assure you that our caring and compassionate staff will treat your beloved pet as one of our own.


 Your pet will be taken into our treatment area for the placement of an IV catheter. An IV catheter is necessary to administer the medications directly into the vein. All while this is being completed, paper work will be done with you stating that we do have your permission to euthanize your pet. This same paper work has options for after care as well that you will decide. (The options we offer is HOME BURIAL: we will prepare your pet for home burial with dignity. SIMPLE CREMATION: a reputable company, Journey’s End, of Anniston Alabama, will pick up your pet and scatter the ashes for you. PRIVATE CREMATION: a reputable company, Journey’s End, of Anniston Alabama, will pick up your pet and will return your pet’s ashes to us in an urn. This process typically takes between two and three weeks. When your pet’s ashes have been returned to us, we will call you and let you know so that you may pick them up as soon as you want. HOLD: we will hold your pet for a 72 hour period in case you need to make arrangements at home or elsewhere.)
 Your pet will then be brought back into the exam room for you to spend some quality time with them  before any medications are given. You may spend as long as you like with your pet. Whenever you are ready, you will notify the staff at the front desk and they will notify the veterinarian.
The veterinarian will then come into the room with you, and explain what is about to happen. First, the veterinarian will give an anesthetic induction agent called Propofol. This is also commonly given for surgical patients, in which it helps to deeply relax them. This makes it easier for you and them. Then the second anesthetic agent is given, which is at a higher dose.
The vet will then verify that your pet has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and will leave you to visit for the final time.
Please take your time visiting with your pet and once you are ready, we will help with whichever after care you have chosen. Also, please know that we are sincerely apologetic about you losing your pet and we are deeply saddened as well. We hope that we can make/ have made this process as smooth as possible for you and your pet.