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This is the most amazing place, with the best staff and doctors!

My kitty, Graylee tore her ACL and other ligaments in her knee one night and I took her here, where she was seen by Dr.Edwards, who was amazing, nice, and so helpful. I then scheduled her surgery with Dr. Dismukes, who has been such an amazing doctor/surgeon to her.

Both Dr. Edwards and Dr. Dismukes walked in the room really calmly and spoke to Graylee softly while they petted her to make her feel better before they started to examine her (I loved this). They “get” cats!! I wish they could be Graylee’s permanent vets!

The staff and nurses up front are extremely nice and helpful too. I must have called in 5 times with questions and worries after surgery and Jenna always helped me and was so nice!

This is the best place ever, I have been more than satisfied with our experience here!!

– Megan M. (A Yahoo User)

A google user

I had a great experience. Doctors and nurses extremely caring and personable. My dog had to be in and out of there for a full week after major surgery. The doctors were timely and extremely helpful to solve my dogs problems. The doctors and vet techs work there because they love animals and love what they do. Although my visits were stressful due to the situation my dog was in, they let the employee’s sweet dogs walk around the clinic, welcome people, and eased my stress. I can not say enough good things about the quality of people who work there.

– Anonymous (A Google User)

I am so pleased with this emergency animal center.

Last weekend, my friend and I took my dog to the dog park because it was the first nice warm day we have had in a long time. After about an hour of playing, I noticed some people crowded around my dog babying him. After further investigation, we realized that he somehow ripped part of his paw pad off and was bleeding and limping.

I called my vet, which was closed, but they had a recording that gave the number for their emergency animal clinic. I called and told them what happened, and they told me to go ahead and bring him in.

After I arrived and filled out paperwork, I only had to wait a short while before being seen by Dr. Jacobi. She is probably one of the nicest vets I have ever seen. I am really picky about vets. If I am new to an area and trying to find a vet, if I don’t get the right vibe from the staff, I take my dog elsewhere. Unfortunately sometimes, you are stuck. The whole freaking staff at this place was amazing.

I ended up having to leave him there for a few hours because there were actual emergencies happening. I got a phone call when he was ready, and someone else came out and explained his condition and what they did, and told me about his aftercare.

Luke raced out with his bandage and cone of shame.
I was given antibiotics and we were on our way.

A week later, my pup is back to normal. Although the weather is starting to brighten, I think I will still wait a couple more weeks before taking him back out into the elements.

I am so bummed this place is an emergency clinic and not an everyday vet clinic.

– Whitney B. (A Yahoo User)

We’ve had to drive to the Emergency Animal Center twice. Once, two years ago for my rabbit Alice. The most recent visit was two weeks ago. Our Bengal cat, Zen, had crystals in his bladder and his urethra was blocked. They were able to get a catheter in him. This saved his life, and Zen stayed from that Friday night to Monday morning. We visited Zen Saturday and Sunday. He was very happy to see us and seemed to be in minimal pain due to all the pain meds. He really liked that stuff! Monday we transferred him to our daytime vet where they operated on his bladder to remove the crystals. This is a wonderful resource and option for pet parents during nights and weekends. Put them in your speed dial!

– Amber G. (A Yahoo User)

I can’t say enough about the level of caring exhibited by this vet’s office! I live in GA and had my female Great Pyrenees go missing last July. I have advertised in search of her through several venues (Petfinder, Fido Finder, Peanut’s Friends, etc.) and had some leads, but they never panned out. I was contacted two weeks ago through Fido Finder by Jennifer, who works at this office, who told me that they had a female Great Pyrenees brought in on Christmas Eve who had been hit by a car and, while it was a shot in the dark, it was possible that it could be my Daisy. She sent me pictures and the dog in question looked very much like Daisy, so we made the 4 hr one way trip that weekend. Unfortunately, the dog was not my Daisy, but she was very sweet, and she was in need of surgery due to her injuries. Jennifer and I corresponded through the week, and we decided that I would adopt the dog and get her surgery done by my local vet. I picked her up yesterday, and Jennifer met me on her day off at the office so that she could say good bye. They sent me home with pain meds and everything I needed to make her comfortable until her surgery this Tuesday, and the dog was freshly bathed and groomed when I got her. Jennifer had even bought her a new, “girlie” collar to wear home! During the time that the dog was there, Jennifer bought her special food as she was concerned that she was not eating, rawhide chew toys to keep her amused while she was there, and special treats. Very, very caring staff, and they (especially Jennifer!) went WAY above and beyond in their honest concern for an injured stray who crossed their path, not only in caring for her while she was there, but also in finding her a forever home. I can’t thank them enough!

– Lynn M. (A Yahoo User)